Reserve map extraction

It is of no use of knowing various EFT cheats to gain several loot items and in-game advantages if you cannot retain them for your future raids. You will lose all your earnings if you fail to extract from a field within the set time. To safely get out of the map, you should use one of the various extraction points on the map. The Reserve map is one of the several maps available in Escape from Tarkov that provides various extraction points for both PMCs and Scavs. The Reserve map is quite large, and the path to exit points will be interesting. There will be specific requirements to meet to be eligible to get out through these extraction points. Let us discuss some of the Reserve map extraction points in brief.

Armored Train

Armored Train is the peculiar addition to the extraction points in the game. It will occur at the center of the map. You can find this point only after playing for at least twenty-five minutes in the raid. It will not be there forever. You will be able to extract from this point only within seven minutes of its appearance. It will honk after six minutes of its arrival. You should try to make it before it completes seven minutes on the map. Before departure, it will honk for two times. This extraction point will be available to both PMCs and Scavs. If you are inside the train at the time of its departure from the map, you are out of Tarkov. However, there will be a lot of noise. It is a single-use extraction point that is not available all the time. You need not have anything to escape through Armored Train.

Cliff Descent 

It is a PMC-only extraction point in Escape from Tarkov. If you are familiar with Woods map Cliff Descent, it will be too similar to that. It will also resemble the Mountain Stash extraction point. However, unlike Armored Train, there are some requirements to extract using this point. You should have the Paracord and Red Rebel Ice Pick to extract using Cliff Descent. Also, you should not have any armor on your body. If you have an armored vest, you should dump it before extraction. The point will be behind the main building on the map by the radio tower. You can simply go to the fenced corner to begin extraction.

Bunker Hermetic Door

It is another way of extraction for both the PMCs and Scavs. You will have four minutes to extract through the bunker at the eastern end of the west sets of entrances. There will be a light above the bunker door in which you can exit. To start the four minutes of the extraction process, you should reach a lever shack that will be marked in the map and pull the lever. Once you pull the lever, the path to the extraction bunker will open up. You should complete the process before the reset of the lever.