For most YouTubers, the one major challenge they face is getting 4000 watch hours in a year. Unfortunately, not all channels will receive organic views to reach this target, and that’s where buy youtube watch timecomes in. In this blog post, we will discuss everything you need to know before purchasing this service to avoid getting scammed.

Why purchase YouTube watch hours?

As mentioned, achieving 4000 watch hours in a year is not always easy. Buying this service will help you get there within a shorter time, leading to the monetization of your YouTube channel. This will provide opportunities to YouTubers to earn from AdSense revenue and other monetization strategies.

Legit companies versus scams

Before you purchase YouTube watch hours, it’s essential to research, compare, and choose legitimate providers. With the increasing demand for this service, many scammers have emerged, promising to deliver real leads but leave the buyers with fake watch hours that eventually result in an account’s suspension. Fake watch hours are temporary, and once YouTube detects that they are not organic, the YouTube channel’s view count will be reduced.

Benefits of buying YouTube watch hours from legit providers

If you choose to buy YouTube watch hours from a legit provider, you will enjoy genuine leads, which are mostly by YouTube algorithms. Organic leads can help increase the channel’s engagement rate and provide a higher chance for YouTube to suggest the channel to other users. In other words, buying YouTube watch hours from legit providers will help you improve the chances of your content ranking on the YouTube homepage, which will lead to an increased audience.

How to increase the chances of real watch hours?

While purchasing YouTube watch hours can boost your channel, it doesn’t guarantee your content’s success. It is advisable to create quality content, consistently post new videos, and interact with your audience. Engage with your subscribers through the comment section, have polls on your videos, and hold Q&A session to improve your audience engagement rate. This way, you can build a long-lasting relationship with your subscribers. As a result, they are more likely to watch your content, resulting in organic watch hours.

The pricing strategy for YouTube watch hours

The price you pay for YouTube watch hours differs from one provider to another. In most cases, prices increase based on the number of hours you wish to purchase. Legit providers may charge between $150 to $500 for 4000 watch hours, depending on the package’s quality.


As you embark on searching for a trustworthy YouTube watch hours provider, make sure you take your time to study your options and choose a provider offering organic watch hours with a guaranteed delivery time. Therefore, before making a purchase, you should consider buying YouTube watch hours from genuine, well-reviewed providers that can help you grow your audience, income, and, above all, your credibility. Remember, while buying YouTube watch hours is a great way to monetize your channel, quality content creation and interacting with subscribers, remains key to driving organic engagement.